The Rockstar Private Cloud

Cloud Chart Rockstar Ant offers a collaboration platform which is as powerful as it is affordable. With the Ant you and your colleagues can share up to 30TB of data at ultra high speed. With an additional Ant you can secure your data in your own, private cloud.

Let’s face it: you need to protect your data for the simple reason that without it, you are most likely out of business. But backup is boring and disaster recovery is something that you would rather not think too much about. You have already experimented with Cloud backup, but it didn’t quite get you to where you need to be.

It seems that there are two kinds of cloud solutions: the really cheap ones that promise the earth but deliver very little. In theory you get the space you need, but it comes with a very narrow pipeline to your data. What good is a terabyte of backup space if it takes a month to transfer your data?

At the other end of the spectrum are the truly powerful and fit-for-purpose cloud solutions. They cost an arm and a leg, though, and you have no-one to bill the extra cost to.

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Giving you the quality that blue chip companies enjoy but at an affordable price

Rockstar Ant is the solution to this problem. If the cloud is costing silly money or if it’s just not fit for purpose, why not have your own, private cloud? Let us explain. Buy a Rockstar Ant with the capacity you need for your day-to-day requirements where you are. Your data is now living on a high-speed collaboration platform with built-in protection against data loss. So far so good.

Now we need to protect you against the things that neither you nor we can control: power cuts, flooding, fire, earthquakes, theft or simple human error. One of the many features of the Rockstar OS, the operating system that powers Rockstar Ant, is a clever replication function, which enables two or more Rockstars to talk to each other.

The idea behind the Rockstar Private Cloud

Having a good plan for Disaster Recovery is a necessity in any business. You need your dat a, regardless what happens. You need a place to put them, so that they are safe, protected and easy to get hold of in a worst case situation. Backing up to local disks or tape is a solution, but it introduces an extra procedure that can go wrong or can easily be forgotten about. Stranger things have happened.

Rockstar Ant offers an alternative. Our idea is simply to automate the procedure of protecting your data and putting them in a location, which is yours – and yours alone.  

Providing complete support with no hidden agenda

We’re in it for the long term, so we’ll do what it takes to keep you happy. This means we’re not trying to trip you up with sneaky fine print on warranties or service contracts.

With flexible options on warranty, financing and expandability, we create the perfect solution for you – the wilder and more convoluted your workflow, the more we like it.

Why? Because we genuinely want Rockstar to transform the way your studio works.

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