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Quality video is key to audience engagement – Infographic from iStock

This great infographic below presents some astounding facts about online video viewing. The data is US based but none the less indicative of a global trend.

Online video viewing is up 800% in the last 6 years with 70% of people watching online. On average we are watching 180 videos every month (where do we find the time). 90% of this viewing is from people aged 18-34. This research though is amongst adults and as we all know, under 16 year olds are likely to be viewing even more video, especially as YouTube is for many the goto site for music.

A good deal of internet video is user generated and of low quality which is fine for shopping hauls and cat clips. However, with this huge increase in demand there is a huge increase in supply. With so much to choose from people will become far more selective about what they watch. This in turn will have an interesting effect.

Quality video, well produced with high production values will become increasingly sought after. The skills and talent in the film production industry will continue to be in high demand and different specialists will need to collaborate efficiently.

So if you are an advertising agency, content agency, PR agency, production company or anyone else who uses film to engage an audience, quality is king.Post production

And higher quality means bigger data and more collaboration. Great films need great sound design, great visual effects and plenty of time being loved in post production. So different specialists will increasingly be working together on the same project and therefore the same project files.

This will create a stain on data storage. Firstly it means working with bigger files which often has the effect of slowing down the creative process. Secondly it means more collaboration and sharing of projects. This leads to issues with version control if you move projects on portable drives,  and data transfer speeds if you work on a slow network or in the cloud.

Rockstar is a network storage solution designed for just these conditions. It allows for people to work together on the same project through ultra fast connections which don’t slow them down. Also the capacity is scalable so can grow with your business as your storage requirements increase. Which they will. Exponentially.

So if you believe that quality content is essential to engage an audience, prepare and future proof your creative business now. 

iStock-The rise of video and marketing to the modern consumer-infographic


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