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The Oscars and the Brits..

The flurry of excitement over the Oscars has predictably focussed on the American winners of the high profile awards for best acting talent and best film, 12 Years A Slave, which while directed by the fantastic (and British) Steve Mc.Queen did not secure him a coveted Best Director Oscar. The accolade was won by the Mexican director of Gravity, Alfonso Cuaron. A long time London dweller, Cuaron paid homage to “the amazing know-how, quality and sophistication of the British film industry (that) made this happen”. Gravity Oscar winnersFor almost everything seen and heard by the audiences of Gravity, was conjured up by studios and individuals in the UK. In total, Gravity won seven Oscars including best Editing, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Original Score and Visual Effects: all of which involved British creative and technical talent. Well done to them all.

The British film industry has become a significant force in the UK economy, thanks in part to the introduction of film tax relief in 2007. It totalled over £1bn in 2013 (up 14% on 2012) and looks set for continued growth, partly on the back of the success of Gravity, and partly due to the extension of tax relief status to TV blockbusters and animated film. The Marvellous Comics’ space blockbuster ‘Guardians Of The Universe’, which was shot at Pinewood Studios, is due for release this summer and the latest series of ‘24’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ are being shot on British soil.

We know that the UK has the creative and technical wherewithal, the infrastructure and an ever growing credibility to fuel what promises to be a period of sustained growth for decades to come. However, capacity will be crucial in ensuring that we can meet burgeoning international demand for our film production capabilities.

And capacity means two things: people and data storage. Furthermore, the need for the latter is likely to rise erratically and dramatically as new technologies emerge. So, you have the people: don’t get caught short of storage capacity. All the production companies out there that are poised to ride the wave, should seriously consider installing Rockstar Data Storage Server. That way, no matter how rapidly your content grows, your data storage can grow with it. Future proofed and safe.


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