How would a Rockstar protect your business?

Business continuity – to succeed in business, firstly you need to stay in business

We designed Rockstar to solve the following problem: many SMEs have little or no protection against disasters. Data can be lost in many ways and most losses can be avoided with a bit of diligence and proper technology. Here is how we do it: Intro to Rockstar Business Continuity

The quality blue chip companies enjoy – at an affordable price

We designed Rockstar to solve the following problem: creative SMEs didn’t have the budget for the network storage system that met their requirements. Rockstar therefore:

 Gives you the functionality you need, with flexible financing
Grows with your business
 Provides complete support with no hidden agenda


Growing with your business

Unlike other network storage systems, Rockstar is completely scalable, so it will grow as your business grows. The industry average for a network storage system is two to three years. This means you have to go through the whole procurement and deployment palaver again before you know it. Or you can just expand Rockstar with simple add-ons as you need them. The bottom line: a low cost of ownership.

Providing complete support with no hidden agenda

We’re in it for the long term, so we’ll do what it takes to keep you happy. This means we’re not trying to trip you up with sneaky fine print on warranties or service contracts. With flexible options on warranty, financing and expandability, we create the perfect solution for you – the wilder and more convoluted your workflow, the more we like it. Why? Because we genuinely want Rockstar to transform the way your studio works.

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