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Rockstar Data Storage

The Rockstar Data Storage server just became even more affordable.

Since launching in October last year the Rockstar Shared Storage server has gone from strength to strength. Media professionals in the United Kingdom and Ireland have embraced this new high-speed approach to storing and sharing huge amounts of data. Starting at just under £16,000, the Rockstar server has put genuine, world class shared storage within […]

Apple Xserve

Creative studios are missing the Apple XServe

The Apple Xserve was historically an ideal storage and server option for creative businesses; post production, ad agencies, photographers alike. However, the change in Apple´s strategy away from the enterprise market to focus exclusively on the consumer has left a vacuum, where studio and IT managers are wondering what to do next. Today, Apple aficionados […]

Rockstar Data iPhone App

Rockstar Data App for iPhone & iPad launches today.

The brand new Rockstar Data App has launched today in 162 countries. The App provides complete control of the files on your Rockstar Data Storage, as well as any other network folders in your workplace or at home. This includes Macs, Windows and Linux, Dropbox, SkyDrive and Box. The App provides an easy way to […]

Lou Reed & Andy Warhol

Truly great Rockstar Lou Read and his fearless creativity

We are all creative in our own ways. For those who earn a living by being creative, it is important to remember what it takes  to keep yourself in a creative state. In this article from Fast Company, authors Camille Sweeney and Josh Gosfield have uncovered some gems from Lou Reeds interviews over the years […]