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Buying IBM, getting sacked, and other short stories…

If there was one phrase that celebrates the success of a global tech company and at the same time the failure of a million sales people, then that’s the one. “You never get sacked for buying IBM…” You know the company. IBM. Technology giant. 100 years old. Almost 500,000 employees worldwide. Great computers. Great company, […]

Elvis hasn't left the building

Elvis hasn’t left the building

In the 1970’s TV commercial for R Whites Lemonade, the tune “Secret Lemonade Drinker” was written and performed by a guy called Ross McManus. McManus was ably assisted on vocal by non other than his son, Declan, better known as Elvis Costello. And the rest is history. Born on 25 August 1954 as Declan Patrick […]

Birth of a Rockstar: Joe Strummer

Birth of a Rockstar: Joe Strummer

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine in 1999, Joe Strummer revealed to the world: “My motto is: “What’s the hurry?” I’m trying to get it across to the modern world that we need to sit around and think a little bit more.” This just doesn’t seem like an apt description of the Clash’s front […]

Brian Cannon of Microdot on rock stars and creativity

Brian Cannon of Microdot designed album sleeves for Verve and Oasis in the 90’s. When he started out he was hand rendering and didn’t start using computer technology for his work until the mid 90’s. However, his creativity never wavered and he was able to adapt to all the technological advances which came along over […]