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Elvis hasn't left the building

Elvis hasn’t left the building

In the 1970’s TV commercial for R Whites Lemonade, the tune “Secret Lemonade Drinker” was written and performed by a guy called Ross McManus. McManus was ably assisted on vocal by non other than his son, Declan, better known as Elvis Costello. And the rest is history. Born on 25 August 1954 as Declan Patrick […]

Gravity Oscar winners

The Oscars and the Brits..

The flurry of excitement over the Oscars has predictably focussed on the American winners of the high profile awards for best acting talent and best film, 12 Years A Slave, which while directed by the fantastic (and British) Steve Mc.Queen did not secure him a coveted Best Director Oscar. The accolade was won by the […]


Fuelling The Creative Powerhouse Of The UK Economy

The Department of Culture, Media and Sport have recently published figures clearly demonstrating the vital role that creative industries are playing in the rejuvenation of the UK economy.  In 2012, the UK’s creative industries (which include film, television and music) grew by almost 10%, outpacing every other sector of the economy. The GVA (Gross Value […]


The UK film production industry goes from strength to strength

This year’s BAFTA nominations have just been announced and films with British creative content are more prevalent than ever before. Four of the top five films nominated were either made in the UK or directed by a Brit. 12 graduates of the National Film and Television School feature in the latest list of nominees. BAFTAs […]

Killing creativity

Why are schools killing creativity?

One of the UK’s biggest exports is its creative output. Creativity will play a major role in our future economic strength and growth. It is potentially the single largest influence upon the prospective outcome and success of both individual businesses and, ultimately more importantly, the broader economy. It is, therefore, essential that new creative talent […]