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Elvis hasn't left the building

Elvis hasn’t left the building

In the 1970’s TV commercial for R Whites Lemonade, the tune “Secret Lemonade Drinker” was written and performed by a guy called Ross McManus. McManus was ably assisted on vocal by non other than his son, Declan, better known as Elvis Costello. And the rest is history. Born on 25 August 1954 as Declan Patrick […]


Does your studio’s data sit on a muddle of portable drives?

A sprawling heap of portable hard drives is a familiar sight in the offices and studios of data hungry, creative businesses. Whilst an effective means of backing up projects and a great way to facilitate file mobility between devices and individuals, there are a number of problems with this piecemeal approach. Aside from the general […]

Post production

Quality video is key to audience engagement – Infographic from iStock

This great infographic below presents some astounding facts about online video viewing. The data is US based but none the less indicative of a global trend. Online video viewing is up 800% in the last 6 years with 70% of people watching online. On average we are watching 180 videos every month (where do we […]

An internet minute: infographic from Intel

Where does all the massive data go? Infographic from Intel

This infographic shows just how much content is created in 1 minute on the internet. If it feels like the massive data in your creative business is growing out of control get in touch to see how Rockstar Data could help.