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Buying IBM, getting sacked, and other short stories…

If there was one phrase that celebrates the success of a global tech company and at the same time the failure of a million sales people, then that’s the one. “You never get sacked for buying IBM…” You know the company. IBM. Technology giant. 100 years old. Almost 500,000 employees worldwide. Great computers. Great company, […]

What If I say I’m not like the others

What If I say I’m not like the others

They call him ‘The nicest guy in Rock and Roll’, Dave Grohl, Frontman of the Foo Fighters. Dave Grohl has always been an inspiration to me, not just for his unique ability to churn out some of the best Rock music of the past 2 decades but for his passion and hunger for music. Born […]

Elvis hasn't left the building

Elvis hasn’t left the building

In the 1970’s TV commercial for R Whites Lemonade, the tune “Secret Lemonade Drinker” was written and performed by a guy called Ross McManus. McManus was ably assisted on vocal by non other than his son, Declan, better known as Elvis Costello. And the rest is history. Born on 25 August 1954 as Declan Patrick […]

Birth of a Rockstar: Joe Strummer

Birth of a Rockstar: Joe Strummer

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine in 1999, Joe Strummer revealed to the world: “My motto is: “What’s the hurry?” I’m trying to get it across to the modern world that we need to sit around and think a little bit more.” This just doesn’t seem like an apt description of the Clash’s front […]

Rockstar Data Storage

The Rockstar Data Storage server just became even more affordable.

Since launching in October last year the Rockstar Shared Storage server has gone from strength to strength. Media professionals in the United Kingdom and Ireland have embraced this new high-speed approach to storing and sharing huge amounts of data. Starting at just under £16,000, the Rockstar server has put genuine, world class shared storage within […]

Apple Xserve

Creative studios are missing the Apple XServe

The Apple Xserve was historically an ideal storage and server option for creative businesses; post production, ad agencies, photographers alike. However, the change in Apple´s strategy away from the enterprise market to focus exclusively on the consumer has left a vacuum, where studio and IT managers are wondering what to do next. Today, Apple aficionados […]