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The birth of a Rockstar: Phil Lynott


Another Irish Rockstar

There are not many men who epitomized and embodied the true spirit of a “Rockstar” better than Phil Lynott.

He would have been 62 today.

From birth and by nature, he was different to anyone else.

Born in the UK Midlands in 1949, Lynott always considered himself to be 100% Irish having grown up in 1960’s Dublin.

Unique is a much over-used word, but Phil Lynott truly was unique  – black, handsome and impeccably dressed, he achieved the impossible in making “being Irish” cool.

No mean feat in the 1970s when you are black.

As he lived like a true Rockstar, so too he died like a true Rockstar, from a series of drug related illnesses which all collided in 1986, and whilst he died the death of a true rock and roller he doesn’t enjoy the same stature as Jim Morrison or Kurt Cobain.

But his body of work stands up along side any artist – living or dead.

“If lyrical and musical ability has to be matched with showmanship, attitude, style, if that’s your version of rock’n’roll, there’s no way past Phil Lynott. He’s at the top of the tree.” Probably some of the wisest words ever uttered by Bono.

“Don’t believe a Word”, “Jailbreak”, “Dancing in the moonlight”, “Sarah”, “Still in love with you” all sound as powerful today as they did when they were released but if you want an entry into that body of work created by Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy then look no further than “Live and Dangerous” – continually voted one of the top live albums of all time, despite the cloud hanging over how “live” the album actually was.

I bought my very first 45 in a record store in Co Tyrone in 1973 – it cost me £1.73p, and I still have it.

“Whiskey in the Jar.”

Like any good whiskey, it just gets better with age.

Here’s to Phil – the first Irish Rockstar





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